I hope you like our new look!  This page will be dedicated to regular blog posts mainly written by the coaches but may have the occasional guest writer!  Be sure to stop in regularly to stay updated on current topics in the CrossFit world!

Keep scrolling to find out some cool features of the new site...

NCR getting ready for Saturday's first heat of 16.5.  Bring on the pain.

The WOD and class schedule is one click away on our "Home" page.  Just look for these buttons:

You can also find the WOD in the top menu of any page, and the schedule is also located in the drop down menu under "Contact". 

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the website to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated with our posts and goings on at the gym!

At the bottom of the "Home" page you will find a brief list of upcoming community events at the gym!  This list will be limited to a few events but will be a great way to make sure you have an idea of what is to come and stay more involved!


Above the social media links (at the bottom of the site) there is a link titled "Search WODS".  Clicking this link will allow you to type in key names and travel to any WOD that we have done in the past.  

What an AWESOME feature to allow you to compare your results and IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS.  We encourage all members to begin posting their scores in the "comments" section of the WOD blog.  

This will make it easy to find your results if you ever decide to go back and look at that workout.  You can be as detailed as you like.  Don't worry, we are working tirelessly to transfer all of the past WODs from the old website.  For now you only have the ones from the date this site was launched.

Here is a list of other cool features that you can check out:

  • Every so often a new member will be featured on the "Home" page so make sure you check back frequently!

  • If you want to bring a friend to a free trial, you can either scroll down on the front page and click the blue "Free Trial" button or you can click "Join Us" –> "Free Trial".

  • Check out our updated coaches profiles!

  • If you're interested in personal training, click "Join Us" –> "Personal Training" and fill out our new inquiry form so that we can put you in touch with one of our coaches! 

  • We also have a new "Careers" section under "Contact"!  CrossFit NCR is growing and we will post openings for future job positions on this page. 

  • If you want to log into your member account to change anything in on your membership or Zen Planner profile, simply click "Join Us" –> "Member Login" and you will be directed to your Zen Planner log in. 

Hope you like the new site!  Enjoy!