CrossFit Class

The CrossFit Class is our flagship offering.  In this class you will experience CrossFit to it's fullest capacity and get the most out of your fitness.  All adult age groups and ability levels are welcome.

This class is open to athletes with an Unlimited CrossFit membership.

Basics Plus

Basics Plus is a guided tour of CrossFit's nine foundational movements.  Over the course of three private coaching sessions, you will be exposed to all the movements necessary to take CrossFit head on!  Similar to our CrossFit Basics program, the focus here is on practice.  The difference is that you will not be exposed to intensity in Basics Plus and will have even more individualized attention towards building sound movement mechanics.  

This program is not mandatory, but is without a doubt the best way to fast track your progress and seamlessly enter into our CrossFit Class with confidence.  This program is also unique due to its flexible scheduling. 

This membership also includes 1 month of Unlimited CrossFit and is not sold separately.

CrossFit Kids and Teens

Our CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens classes revolve around a program designed specifically for the developmental needs of our youth.  

In our Kids classes (ages 6-12), expect lots of games with a focus on incorporating basic functional movement patterns into a FUN learning environment.  Each class includes stimulation of the vestibular system (spinning, rolling), impact loading (jumping, bounding) to increase bone density and growth, and major joint loading (shoulders, hips) using body weight.

Our Teens classes (ages 13-17) introduce the basics of loading various functional movements into training.  The outline of the class is very similar to our adult CrossFit Class however the major difference is that the teens can feel comfortable in an environment amongst their peers.  This allows us to cater to the physical and psychological developmental differences between each of our athletes.  Beyond a healthy active lifestyle, this program is great for the teenager taking part in competitive and recreational sports to help injury prevention and increase athleticism. 

These classes are open to athletes holding a CrossFit Kids or CrossFit Teens membership.

Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting is a sport consisting of the snatch and clean and jerk, both of which CrossFit has incorporated into its training system.  These lifts are unique in their ability to increase fitness due to the fact that they are technical and complex.  Our Olympic Weightlifting class is a 90 minute class focused solely on improving these two lifts.

This class is open to athletes who hold an Unlimited CrossFit membership AND have been doing CrossFit consistently for 6 months or more.

Child-Friendly CrossFit

Our Child-Friendly CrossFit class runs every day at 9:30am and provides a unique opportunity for mothers and fathers to bring their child into the workout space for the hour.  The basic outline of the class is the same as our CrossFit Class, however timeline and structure may vary depending on class size and number of children in the space.

Rules and expectations:

  1. You are expected to supervise your child (there is no extra supervision and the coach's job is to coach).

  2. You are expected to attend to your child if they are being disruptive (i.e. disrupting flow of class, detracting from enjoyment of class, creating a potential danger to themselves or others in the class).

  3. Clean up after your child (i.e. food, toys, equipment, etc.).

  4. Bringing your child onto the workout floor while you workout is limited to these special classes.

This special class is open to all athletes (not just those bringing a child) holding an Unlimited CrossFit membership.

Prime Timers CrossFit

Prime Timers CrossFit is a class designed for, but not exclusive to, the 60+ age group. This class runs once a week and provides participants an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to navigate life with optimal functionality.  These skills are developed by using CrossFit's foundational movements: deadlift (picking something up off the ground), squat (sitting down and standing up), and press (putting something onto a shelf). These movements are essential to daily life and make up the core of our program.

Spin Class

Spin class is a class that takes place entirely on the Concept 2 Bike Erg. Our classes are 1 hour in length and feature programming that is constantly varied metabolic conditioning. This class aims to develop all metabolic pathways using the bike as our implement. All programming is created by Aerobic Capacity.

This class is open to Unlimited CrossFit members only and has a class size limit of 9 athletes. Athletes can sign-up via the Zen Planner member app at any time.