The NCR Program

– programming, class outlines, consultation –


What is the NCR Program?

The NCR Program is CrossFit programming for both the affiliate and the individual CrossFit athlete.  This program is designed to push you and your community to improve fitness on a daily basis.

At CrossFit NCR we believe that every athlete, no matter the fitness level, should participate in the daily programming of the box.  This helps to foster a strong community and positive atmosphere that will not only let your business thrive, but will ultimately lead to better results for your athletes. This is why we feature Program add-ons such as Class Outlines and Consultation that allow you to implement our programming into your gym effectively.



Who writes the NCR Program?

CrossFit NCR Co-owners Reza Mashkoori, Paul Tremblay, and Pete Shaw.  In the short time that CrossFit NCR has been open, it's owners have a combined 3 years of Games experience and 13 years of Regionals experience.  Individually, Paul has represented Canada at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Invitational and won the 2015 CrossFit Team Series on team Reebok Classics. 

Athletic endeavours aside, the owners of CrossFit NCR have invested themselves as humble students and teachers of the CrossFit methodology.  On weekends, Paul and Pete find themselves in various parts of the world teaching seminars as a part of CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff.  Additionally, all three owners are CrossFit Certified Trainers (CF-L3).



Who Follows The NCR Program?

At CrossFit NCR, all athletes follow this program, from Games athletes to Grandmas.  Daily class programming consists of the Skill and the WOD.  With the purchase of The NCR Program, affiliate owners have access to programmed extra work called Priority work and are encouraged to share this with their members to complete during open gym hours.  

Disclaimer: Always remember to follow CrossFit's three-part charter – Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity.  Add volume to your athletes' programs sparingly.  Only when they are able to maintain an appropriate level of intensity should you consider adding extra work.  Reserve priority work for your most experienced athletes.

Example week:

  • The NCR Program follows a typical work week schedule with Full Rest Days on Sundays and Active Rest Days on Thursdays.
  • Since we realize not everybody abides by this schedule, we continue to program workouts on Thursdays and leave priority work open to "make-up" missed work earlier in the week.


How it will look on your Android or iPhone:

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 9.18.57 AM.png
 The NCR Program athletes

The NCR Program athletes

To access The NCR Program, download the "Zen Planner Member App" in the App Store (iPhone or Android) and log in with your Zen Planner ID (email) and Password.


Program Options:

The Bare Bones

  • Just the Daily Skill, WOD, and Priority work
  • Download Zen Planner member app and sign-in with your log-in for access
  • 30 minute initial consultation 

Some Guidance

  • Add in a daily class outline sent to your email in PDF format
  • Guidelines on how to run your class most effectively and efficiently
  • Contains workout stimulus, scaling options, coaches notes, and minute to minute notes
  • 30 minute initial consultation

A lot of Guidance

  • Add in ongoing consulting with Games athlete Paul Tremblay
  • Monthly Video chat
  • access to email for daily or weekly inquiries 
  • 30 minute initial consultation